Now offering on-vehicle with BG Performance Diesel Engine Service on light duty trucks

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BG DPF & Emissions System Restoration Service

BG DPF & Emissions System Restoration Service utilizes the BG 12Q VIA,TM PN 9300, to heat and install BG DPF & Emissions System Restoration, PN 2581, which safely removes and disperses accumulated hydrocarbon deposits from the diesel air from the diesel air intake and emissions system.

The BG 12Q VIATM triggers the diesel particulate filter (DPF) into regeneration mode to conduct an effective cleaning. BG DPF & Emissions System Restoration’s unique low smoke, low odor formula is designed to keep all system components, including costly DPFs, clean and functioning properly to reduce harmful emissions and prolong component life.

The BG DPF & Emissions System Restoration Service is completed with a BG Performance Oil Change featuring BG EPR,® PN 10932, BG DOC,® P11232, and BG 244,® PN 24432